We complete LOLER inspections of all lifting equipment both in house and on site anywhere throughout Scotland and Northern England. If you have a requirement which is further afield or remote, please get in touch with the office to discuss your needs.

We have a number of mobile van service centres stocking a wide range of inspection equipment and spare parts for lifting gear. We can send up to five engineers at one time to a job in one van, saving time and money for our clients with larger jobs. All equipment once inspected is supplied with a report of thorough examination detailing the item, its SWL, the examination date, any defects and the due date for the next examination. We also offer colour coding of equipment on 6 monthly basis to eliminate the risk of equipment being used that has not been examined.


LOLER regulations state that lifting accessories (slings, shackles, eyebolts, anything connecting a load to a lifting appliance/machine) require at least 6 monthly inspection. Lifting Appliances/Machinery (chain block, lever hoist, crane, hoist, winch, forklift, anything lifting a load either manually or machinery operated). In the marine shipping and offshore industry, the MCA, (maritime coastguard agency), legislates that lifting equipment should be thoroughly examined annually and proof load tested every 5 years.