The Lifting Equipment Engineers Associations (LEEA) is the authoritative representative body for all aspects of the lifting equipment industry. LEEA operates globally and their role includes standard setting, provision of technical advice and training.

Their examination and licensing system is widely respected and has been in operation for the past 50 years. A LEEA qualification validates that an engineer is competent and trained to a high level. A LEEA qualification is not a requirement to work in the industry, however, we at Scotia Handling Services feel that it is beneficial on a number of levels: It provides our customers with the assurance that the service we provide is of the highest standard; it provides us with a resource to constantly update our technical knowledge and keep up to date with industry innovation; and it upskills our engineers, providing them with a qualification that is theirs to keep.

For more information about LEEA, or the qualifications our engineers hold, please visit or contact the office.