Our in house facilities include a 30t and 100t hydraulic test bed, various hydraulic jigs, rams and special purpose testing frames. We can design and engineer structures to load test a wide range of lifting, restraining and anchor points that require a tensile load to be applied. We have carried out load testing over the years of many different structures and machinery from beech tree climbing anchor points to 120t mooring bollards and large capacity tower cranes.

We operate a number of mobile van service centres stocking a wide range of load testing equipment to allow for many different testing solutions for a variety of gear and appliances. We can send a full squad of our engineers to any one job in one van, as we understand the need to re-certify our client’s equipment as quickly as possible.

Lifting equipment is required by LOLER to have either a test certificated indicating the applied proof load or a certificate of conformity proving the piece of equipment is safe to use up to its SWL. All tested equipment is supplied with a test certificate once work has been completed to show safe working load (SWL) and/or proof load (PL).



Destructive Testing and NDT

At Scotia we have the ability to test to destruction lifting gear and other equipment up to a maximum breaking load of 100,000KG. This could be anything from a shackle or belt sling to a custom made lifting device.

A very easy way to determine the SWL of a new piece of lifting equipment is to destructively test a sample and establish whether it has reached its minimum breaking load without failure. All tested equipment is supplied with a test certificate once work has been completed to show the breaking load.

We also have qualified NDT engineers who can carry out Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant testing. In particular this is useful for pre and post load testing to ensure that there are is no weakness in the equipment which is not visible.