Scotia now has a state of the art online certification portal which can hold examination reports and test certificates for all your lifting equipment. Users are given a unique username and password to allow them access to downloadable records of all their lifting equipment which we have supplied and/or examined and/tested. This eliminates the need for vast amounts of paperwork which saves time, reduces costs and helps the environment. It also helps you to manage your regulatory responsibilities with automated lifting registers and alerts. 


LOLER regulations state that lifting accessories (slings, shackles, eyebolts, anything connecting a load to a lifting appliance/machine) require at least 6 monthly thorough examination. Lifting Appliances/Machinery (chain block, lever hoist, crane, hoist, winch, forklift, anything lifting a load either manually or machinery operated) require annual thorough examination. In the marine shipping and offshore industry, the MCA, (maritime coastguard agency), legislates that lifting equipment should be thoroughly examined annually and proof load tested every 5 years.