Scotia currently has in stock over 100t of calibrated steel test weights from 25kg hand weights to 2t block weights for load testing. All our weights are available for hire and we can include lifting cradles and boxes with slings to suit your lifting requirements. Our load cells can also be hired to be used in conjunction with the test weights to give real time evidence of the load weight.

Scotia can also supply for hire a 3.5t gross drop side Ifor Williams trailer, allowing you to tow up to 2.7t of test weights, providing your vehicle is capable of towing the required amount and the driver holds the relevant licence. We can also provide transport of the test weights or you can arrange transport to and from our premises in Linwood.

We also have access to a huge range of water bag weights commonly used in the marine and offshore sectors where a supply of running water is used to fill the bags to the specified test load weight, using either a flowmeter or load cell.

Load Monitoring Hire

Scotia boasts a wide range of load monitoring devices available for hire. We have a wide range of load cells up to 50t SWL and various hydraulic calibrated gauges operating up to 700kg/cm2 (700 bar approx.).

Our 30t and 100t hydraulic test beds also allow us to monitor loads in various types of machinery, please enquire within for further details. We can also calibrate and weigh various appliances and structures from a car transporter trailer to determine the maximum payload to a digital load measuring device.

Please contact our office for any test weight hire enquiries.