Supply, hire, repair, service, inspect, test and certify lifting equipment. We have the largest choice of lifting equipment stock in central Scotland and the West Coast, this allows us to deliver goods to our customers quickly.

We stock the market leaders in our industry, including Gunnebo and Tractel and ensure that every product we supply to our customers is of the highest standard.


Our qualified engineers are experienced in inspection of all lifting equipment and can provide this service efficiently to minimise disruption for our customers. We complete LOLER inspection of all lifting equipment both in house and onsite. We have a number of mobile van service centres stocking a wide range of inspection equipment and spare parts for lifting gear.

All equipment once inspected is supplied with a Report of Thorough Examination certificate, detailing the item, the SWL, the examination date, any defects noted and the next examination date. Our customers are able to access their certificates 24 hours per day using our online certification portal.


We pride ourselves on our ability to find testing solutions for all situations. Our qualified engineers have the breadth of experience and knowledge required to test all equipment efficiently and effectively; giving our customer peace of mind that they are operating in a safe environment.

Our in-house facilities include a 30 tonne and 100 tonne hydraulic test bed, various hydraulic jigs, rams and special purpose testing frames. We can design and engineer structures to load test a wide range of lifting, restraining and anchor points that require a tensile load to be applied.


We have the ability to test to destruction lifting gear and other equipment up to a maximum breaking load of 100,000KG. This could be anything from a shackle or belt sling to a custom made lifting device.

A very easy way to determine the SWL of a new piece of lifting equipment is to destructively test a sample and establish whether it has reached its minimum breaking load without failure. All tested equipment is supplied with a test certificate once work has been completed to show the breaking load.

We also have qualified NDT engineers who can carry out Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant testing. In particular this is useful for pre and post load testing to ensure that there are is no weakness in the equipment which is not visible.


We supply aquaculture and mooring chain to the marine and fish farming industries from the same first-class manufacturers as our lifting chain. The additional demands that harsh sea conditions put on products means that the quality and safety of the products you choose are vital.

We, as with all our products, focus on quality. The mooring chain we supply is hot dip galvanised and the strongest on the market, designed for a long lifetime and durability compared to normal fishing chain.


At our yard we hold 100t of calibrated steel test weights from 25kg hand weights to 2t block weights for load testing. All our weights are available for hire and we can include lifting cradles and boxes with slings to suit your lifting requirements.

Our load cells can also be hired to be used in conjunction with the test weights to give real time evidence of the load weight.


Specialising in the supply, installation and inspection of height safety personnel protective equipment (both fall arrest and fall restraint). This includes harnesses, lanyards, inertia reels, specialist working at height P.P.E. and accessories for working at height. We can provide on-site installation of harness anchor points and fall arrest and fall restraint safety lines and systems on anything from a tower crane to a boat.

Our engineers hold MEWP and working at height tickets so are able to install safety lines in hard to access areas where a ladder or scaffold would not be suitable.